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Disclaimer: I don’t claim that all I write is accurate and I may or may not still believe in some things I have written. As I research more about the convoluted reality we live in I am constantly discovering more disinformation and new things which may throw doubt onto past writings or render them completely false. I’m not going to go back and edit because it will constantly require editing. I hope that at least what I have written may stir people into researching for themselves. As with everything, don’t take this site as fact and always stay skeptical.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Please help this American. Your comment at WUWT contains acronyms that I can not define. GST = Goods and Services Tax.
    ACT = ?
    ETS = ?

  2. Hi John, thanks for visiting.

    ACT- Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (just known nowadays as ACT) is a New Zealand centre-right political party currently in a coalition government with the National Party and the Maori Party.

    ETS- Emissions Trading Scheme, basically New Zealand’s version of a carbon (and other greenhouse gases) tax. Comes into effect July 1, 2010.

  3. Intrigued by the old Fabian emblem just browsing images. Linked to here. I read and enjoyed the accompanying outline as well as your “about me” of course. I admire and agree with your sentiments and lucid disclaimer.

    Q: Where does the current U.S. leader fit into this? Local Hawaii history has him mentored by Marxists here many years ago. Are you familiar with Neil Aber-commie..sorry Abercrombie our current Gov. The two go way back I hear.

    Thank you, Aloha, Keep at it!

    • I am not familiar with Gov. Abercrombie but I have heard plenty about Obama and his strong Marxist ties. He is without a doubt advancing an agenda which conflicts with the Founders’ intentions and the American people’s wishes, as have all Presidents for many years now. While it is easy to label him as ‘marxist’ or ‘communist’ along with many other people responsible for eroding our freedoms and our democracy, it is a lot more complex than that. Some other sites I would recommend people to read are EUReferendum and The Green Agenda. Modern environmentalism is being used as a tool to justify draconian laws and the introduction of new taxes and as you may have read, none of them will actually benefit the environment at all. If I have one piece of advice, it is watch the EU and learn as much as you can about how it works and what it is doing, because it is the hope of global leaders that a setup very similar to the EU will eventually come to control every nation on the globe.

  4. Thanks for the response ‘n heads up links. I’m currently preoccupied with my daughter’s 2nd grade essay test results. History – Rosa Parks/segregation…Q: “Why did black people have to give up their bus seats?” My SEVEN year old daughter’s answer – “Because if they didn’t the white people would kill them…”

    I have requested a copy of the story they read from administration. I’d be surprised if it mentions the white activists there and then, etc…had to explain a bit, i.e. ..my family fought for the union out of Ohio including Gettysburg.

    I balked at telling her Affirmative Action is a cancer. I’d confused her enough.

    WTF! Why is this crap showing up in 2nd grade?!!! I’m gonna break a tooth if I “grit” any harder!

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