Mann tries to hide “Hide The Decline”

One of the leading scientists of the climate change ‘religion’, Michael Mann, has threatened legal action against Minnesotans For Global Warming over their satirical “Hide The Decline” video featuring Mann’s image. The video was created after the Climategate emails were leaked and refers to Phil Jones’ (Mann’s colleague) efforts to hide the decline of proxy temperatures from tree ring data obtained after 1960. This is well known as the divergence problem; the proxy temps are declining while the instrumental measurements are increasing and no one knows why. It basically shows that tree ring proxy data is unreliable and shouldn’t be used. There is much disinformation about this, with people saying that he was trying to hide actual instrumental measurements that show a decline in temperature. While not quite that serious, the hiding of the decline is still misleading and anti-scientific.

The video itself is quite funny and features the discredited and fraudulent hockey stick graph which is often thrown around by global warming alarmists even today. The official video has been voluntarily removed from both YouTube and the M4GW site because the image of Mann as well as some of the claymation is copyrighted. Hide The Decline II was created to replace the original so as not to infringe copyrights, but Google decided to remove it from YouTube anyway, for reasons so far unknown.

One copy still available at time of writing: Here


~ by TWE on April 23, 2010.

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